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Following is an alphabetical listing of all publications available in the Adapting to Change Database.  Many of the files are presented in PDF only.  You must have a PDF viewer to download these documents, and you may obtain a free copy at the Adobe Acrobat website.

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Uganda Case Study    [44 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  Freddie Ssengooba
Date of Publication: January 01, 1999
Powerpoint Presentation

Uganda's Response to HIV/AIDS Epidemic: A Lever for Reforms?    [337 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  Freddie Ssengooba
Date of Publication: September 20, 1999
Paper Prepared for the WBI Course: Adapting to Change: Core Course on Population, Reproductive Health and Health Sector Reform. 20 September, 1999 - 8 October, 1999. World Bank Institute, Washington, D.C.(Unpublished)

Une approche pratique de la fourniture de services de santé de la reproduction    [29 k / PDF]
Author(s):  Marc Mitchell
Date of Publication: July 01, 1998
Ce document expose un processus de planification et de gestion des services de santé de la reproduction en six étapes qui s’appuie sur l’expérience vécue par plusieurs pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest et d’autres parties du monde au cours de l’élaboration de tels programmes et il offre une synthèse des enseignements tirés. Les six étapes sont les suivantes : 1. Définition de l’ordre de priorité des interventions ; 2. Élaboration de normes de service ; 3. Établissement d’un inventaire des centres de santé et des collectivités et d’un programme de travail permettant d’atteindre les normes fixées ; 4. Mise au point de normes de calcul des coûts ; 5. Lancement du programme de travail ; 6. Suivi de l’amélioration des centres et de la fourniture des services.

UNFPA "Transformation and Momentum" from 1998 State of the World Population    [1 mb / PDF]
Date of Publication: February 06, 1998
Chapter 1 from the 1998 UNFPA "State of the World Population". Greater numbers of people are living to older ages, and higher proportions of most countries’ populations have lived at least sixty years, than at any time in the past. At the same time, unprecedented numbers of teenagers, the result of past high fertility, are growing towards adulthood. The impact of these “new generations” will reverberate throughout the 21st Century. This paper examines the new generations’ situations in mid-1998, as well as the prospects of those who will be elderly in the future, and further discusses their implications for sustainable development.

Use of Performance Based Contracting to Achieve Public Sector Reform and Reproductive Health Goals    [302 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  Charlotte Leighton
Date of Publication: December 13, 1999
PowerPoint Presentation.

Using Cost and Revenue Analysis Tools   
Date of Publication: September 07, 1999
This report in PDF examines conducting cost and revenue analysis, and how health service providers are having to carefully manage the use of scarce resources while meeting a growing demand for services.

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