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Following is an alphabetical listing of all publications available in the Adapting to Change Database.  Many of the files are presented in PDF only.  You must have a PDF viewer to download these documents, and you may obtain a free copy at the Adobe Acrobat website.

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Policy to Practice: Twelve Lessons for Implementation   
Author(s):  Marc Mitchell
Date of Publication: September 07, 1999
This background note looks at some of the reasons why implementation of population policy has been slow and suggests 12 lessons for effective implementation.

Population and Development, A Historical Perspective   
Author(s):  Marc Mitchell
Date of Publication: September 07, 1999
This is a background paper for the Dhaka Training Activity, and deals with the attempt to find answers to some large questions, and to plan activities that will begin to achieve a new consensus on approaches to implementation of a broad population and development policy.

Population and Reproductive Health: An Economic Framework for Policy Evaluation    [139 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  James C. Knowles
J.R Behrman
Date of Publication: December 01, 1998
In: Population and Development Review 24(4): 697-737, December, 1998. The Population Council, New York.

Population and Reproductive Health: The Big Pictures   
Author(s):  Margaret Catley-Carlson
Date of Publication: September 20, 1999
This 13 page paper in PDF focuses on new directions in population.

Population Policy & Women’s Rights: Transforming Reproductive Choice    [69 kb / PDF]
Date of Publication: December 07, 1999
Praeger Publishers, Westport, Connecticut, London, 1993.

Powerpoint Presentation Genre, Croissance, et Pauvreté   
Date of Publication: May 20, 2000
This Power Point presentation should be used in conjunction with the reading, "Genre, Croissance, et Pauvreté.

Prioritization: When The Rubber Hits The Road    [35 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  Abdo Yazbeck
Date of Publication: September 13, 1999
As this session will show, there are no simple or purely technical answers. Moreover, the different disciplines and interests involved in this sector bring into prioritization sometimes contradictory objectives, tools and decision criteria. The next section will briefly describe the different tools used in measuring wants and resources and some the difficulties with defining and measuring wants. Section III explores the disciplines and advocates that are typically involved in a prioritization exercise for population and reproductive health services. A list of prioritization criteria is described in section IV followed by the different approaches to prioritization. The last section summarizes a new theoretical model for combining the different prioritization criteria.

Prioritization: When the Rubber Hits the Road, a presentation    [234 kb / PDF]
Author(s):  Abdo Yazbeck
Date of Publication: September 13, 1999
A Power Point Presentation.

Public and Private Roles in Providing and Financing Reproductive Health Care   
Author(s):  David E. Bloom
Date of Publication: September 07, 1999
The purpose of this note is to acquaint readers with some fundamental considerations pertinent to decisions about the provision and financing of health services, especially those in the area of reproductive health.

Public Spending on Health Care: How Are Different Criteria Related?    [497 mb / PDF]
Author(s):  Philip Musgrove
Date of Publication: March 01, 1999
Health Policy, 47.

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